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PureCycle’s ground-breaking, patented recycling process, developed and licensed by Procter & Gamble (“P&G”) and commercialized by PureCycle, separates color, odor and other contaminants from plastic waste feedstock to transform it into Ultra-Pure Recycled (“UPR”) resin with virgin-like properties. The PureCycle process helps create an opportunity to fully close the loop in the creation of recycled polypropylene ("PP") which, while being one of the highest volume, most versatile and robust plastics, has an extremely low reclamation rate across the globe.

PureCycle holds the possibility to solve for the ongoing problem of recycling the approximately 170 billion pounds of PP produced every year, which has averaged a 5% rate of growth over the last five years. Consumer demand, combined with major multinational sustainability commitments, reinforced by new stringent recycled content restrictions and non-recycled plastic taxes, have led to substantial interest in, and demand for, PureCycle’s UPR resin. Today there is virtually no UPR resin in the market, and PureCycle is the first company to solely focus on recycling and reintegrating PP upstream into high-value, consumer-facing applications. To date, PureCycle has established strategic partnerships and supply contracts across the plastics value chain including, but not limited to, resin producers, converters, and consumer facing brands.

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Custom Compounding of Purchased Resins (325991)

Refuse Systems (4953); Scrap and Waste Materials (5093)

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