Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2022
Organization, Consolidation and Presentation of Financial Statements [Abstract]  
Formation and Organization
PureCycle Technologies, Inc. (“PCT” or “Company”) is a Florida-based corporation focused on commercializing a patented purification recycling technology (the “Technology”), originally developed by The Procter & Gamble Company (“P&G”), for restoring waste polypropylene into resin, called ultra-pure recycled (“UPR”) resin, which has nearly identical properties and applicability for reuse as virgin polypropylene. PCT has a global license for the Technology from P&G. PCT’s goal is to create an important new segment of the global polypropylene market that will assist multinational entities in meeting their sustainability goals, providing consumers with polypropylene-based products that are sustainable, and reducing overall polypropylene waste in the world’s landfills and oceans.
Business Combination
On March 17, 2021, PureCycle consummated the previously announced business combination (“Business Combination”) by and among Roth CH Acquisition I Co., a Delaware corporation (“ROCH”), Roth CH Acquisition I Co. Parent Corp., a Delaware corporation and wholly owned direct subsidiary of ROCH (“ParentCo”), Roth CH Merger Sub LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and wholly owned direct subsidiary of Parent Co, Roth CH Merger Sub Corp., a Delaware corporation and wholly owned direct subsidiary of ParentCo and PureCycle Technologies LLC (“PCT LLC” or “Legacy PCT”) pursuant to the Agreement and Plan of Merger dated as of November 16, 2020, as amended from time to time (the “Merger Agreement”).
Upon the completion of the Business Combination and the other transactions contemplated by the Merger Agreement (the “Transactions”, and such completion, the “Closing”), ROCH changed its name to PureCycle Technologies Holdings Corp. and became a wholly owned direct subsidiary of ParentCo, PCT LLC became a wholly owned direct subsidiary of PureCycle Technologies Holdings Corp. and a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of ParentCo, and ParentCo changed its name to PureCycle Technologies, Inc. The Company’s common stock, units and warrants are now listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market (“NASDAQ”) under the symbols “PCT,” “PCTTU” and “PCTTW,” respectively.
Unless the context otherwise requires, “Registrant,” “PureCycle,” “Company,” “PCT,” “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to PureCycle Technologies, Inc., and its subsidiaries at and after the Closing and give effect to the Closing. “Legacy PCT”, “ROCH” and “ParentCo” refer to PureCycle Technologies LLC, ROCH and ParentCo, respectively, prior to the Closing.
Private Placement Offering
On March 7, 2022, the Company entered into subscription agreements (the “Subscription Agreements”) with certain investors (the “2022 PIPE Investors”), pursuant to which the Company agreed to sell to the Investors, in a private placement, shares of the Company’s common stock, par value $0.001 per share, and Series A warrants to purchase shares of Common Stock (the “Series A Warrants”) at a price of $7.00 per share of Common Stock and one-half (1/2) of one Series A Warrant (the “2022 PIPE Offering”).

On March 17, 2022, the Company closed the 2022 PIPE Offering and issued to the 2022 PIPE Investors an aggregate of 35,714,272 shares of Common Stock and Series A Warrants to purchase an aggregate of 17,857,136 shares of Common Stock. The Company received approximately $250.0 million in gross proceeds from the 2022 PIPE Offering. The Company incurred approximately $0.8 million of expenses primarily related to advisory fees in conjunction with the 2022 PIPE Offering.
Refer to Note 6 – Warrants for further information.
Basis of Presentation
The accompanying condensed consolidated interim financial statements include the accounts of the Company. The condensed consolidated interim financial statements are presented in U.S. Dollars. Certain information in footnote disclosures normally included in annual financial statements was condensed or omitted for the interim periods presented in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”)
and accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America (“U.S. GAAP”). Intercompany balances and transactions were eliminated upon consolidation. The results of operations for the six months ended June 30, 2022 are not necessarily indicative of the results to be expected for the entire year ending December 31, 2022. The accompanying condensed consolidated interim financial statements reflect all adjustments, consisting of normal recurring adjustments, that are, in the opinion of management, necessary to present a fair statement of the results for the interim periods presented.
Certain amounts in prior periods have been reclassified to conform with the report classifications of the six months ended June 30, 2022 and 2021.
Potential Impact of COVID-19 on the Company’s Business
The extent to which the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions resulting from the pandemic will continue to impact the Company’s business, financial condition or results of operations will depend on future developments, which are highly uncertain and cannot be accurately predicted. The Company has implemented certain policies and procedures to continue its operations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions resulting from the pandemic.
The Company has sustained recurring losses and negative cash flows from operations since its inception. As reflected in the accompanying condensed consolidated interim financial statements, the Company has not yet begun commercial operations and does not have any sources of revenue. The following is a summary of the components of our current liquidity (in thousands):
As of
June 30, 2022 December 31, 2021
Cash and cash equivalents $ 118,499  $ 33,417 
Debt securities available for sale $ 231,331  $ 167,365 
Unrestricted liquidity $ 349,830  $ 200,782 
Restricted Cash $ 166,551  $ 230,441 
Working capital $ 395,491  $ 306,890 
Accumulated deficit $ 198,215  $ 157,779 
For the six months ended
June 30, 2022 June 30, 2021
Net loss $ 40,436  $ 37,133 
Our future capital requirements will depend on many factors, including actual construction costs for the Ironton Facility, the construction of the Augusta Facility and others outside the United States, build-out of multiple Feed PreP facilities, funding needs to support other business opportunities, and challenges or unforeseen circumstances. For this future growth and investment, we expect to seek additional debt financing from outside sources, which we may not be able to raise on terms favorable to us, or at all. If we are unable to raise additional debt when desired, our business, financial condition and results of operations would be adversely affected.
Emerging Growth Company
At June 30, 2022, we qualified as an “emerging growth company,” as defined in Section 2(a) of the Securities Act, as modified by the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012 (the “JOBS Act”), and we have taken and may take advantage of certain exemptions from various reporting requirements that are applicable to other public companies that are not emerging growth companies including, but not limited to, not being required to comply with the auditor attestation requirements of Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, reduced disclosure obligations regarding executive compensation in our periodic reports and proxy statements, and exemptions from the requirements of holding a nonbinding advisory vote on executive compensation and shareholder approval of any golden parachute payments not previously approved.
Section 102(b)(1) of the JOBS Act exempts emerging growth companies from being required to comply with new or revised financial accounting standards until private companies are required to comply with the new or revised standards. The JOBS Act provides that an emerging growth company can elect to opt out of the extended transition period and comply with the requirements that apply to non-emerging growth companies but any such election to opt out is irrevocable. We have opted to take advantage of such extended transition period available to emerging growth companies which means that when a standard is issued or revised and it has different application dates for public or private companies, we can adopt the new or revised standard at the time private companies adopt the new or revised standard.
PCT will become a large accelerated filer for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022, and as such PCT will lose emerging growth status on December 31, 2022. As of December 31, 2022, PCT will be required to adopt new or revised accounting standards when they are applicable to public companies that are not emerging growth companies and will be required to comply with, among other things, the auditor attestation requirements Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. For as long as PCT continues to be an emerging growth company, however, PCT intends to rely on the other exemptions and reduced reporting requirements provided by the JOBS Act.
Immaterial Corrections Related to Prior Periods
We have identified immaterial corrections to prior periods related to capitalization of interest associated with the tax-exempt revenue bonds. We evaluated the effects of these corrections on the unaudited condensed consolidated financial statements for the three and six months ended June 30, 2021 individually and in the aggregate, in accordance with the guidance in ASC Topic 250, Accounting Changes and Error Corrections, ASC Topic 250-10-S99-1, Assessing Materiality, and ASC Topic 250-10-S99-2, Considering the Effects of Prior Year Misstatements when Quantifying Misstatements in Current Year Financial Statements. We have concluded that no period is materially misstated. Accordingly, we have reflected the prior period impacts and associated revisions for these periods presented herein. The revision increased property, plant and equipment, net and decreased interest expense by $4.2 million and $8.3 million for the three and six months ended June 30, 2021, as well as reclassified $11.1 million from net cash used in operating activities to cash paid for construction of plant for the six months ended June 30, 2021