Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2021
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
In connection with the preparation of the condensed consolidated interim financial statements for the period ended March 31, 2021, management has evaluated events through May 19, 2021, to determine whether any events required recognition or disclosure in the condensed consolidated interim financial statements. The following subsequent events were identified through the date of these condensed consolidated interim financial statements:
Paycheck Protection Program
On May 1, 2020, Legacy PCT was granted a loan (the “Loan”) from PNC Bank, National Association, in the aggregate amount of approximately $314 thousand, pursuant to the Paycheck Protection Program (the “PPP”) under Division A, Title I of the CARES Act, which was enacted March 27, 2020. On April 9, 2021, the Small Business Administration remitted to the lender $314 thousand in principal and $3 thousand in interest for forgiveness of the PPP Loan.

Revenue Bonds
As described in Note 3, Notes Payable and Debt Instruments, and in connection with its obligations under that certain Security Agreement dated as of October 7, 2020, between PCO, as debtor, and the Trustee, as secured party, entered into when the Bonds were issued (the “Security Agreement”), PCO must deliver consent and agreements (“Consents”) to the Trustee with respect to each agreement entered into in connection with the PureCycle Project, each of which agreements is required under the Loan Agreement to be assigned to the Trustee. The forms of the Consents relating to a certain feedstock supply agreement from one supplier of feedstock to the Project (the “Supplier”) and from two purchasers of offtake from the Project (“Offtaker 2” and “Offtaker 3” and together with the Supplier, the “Counterparties”) delivered to the Trustee contained terms inconsistent with the form of the Consent required under the Security Agreement. On May 11, 2021, an amended and restated guaranty of completion (the “ARG”) was executed by PureCycle and delivered to the Trustee, which broadens the purposes for which draws by the Trustee on the Liquidity Reserve may be utilized, extends the period during which the Liquidity
Reserve must be maintained, includes conditions that would permit a reduction in the amount of the Liquidity Reserve required to be maintained by PureCycle, and includes conditions precedent to the elimination of the requirement that PureCycle replenish the Liquidity Reserve and to the termination of the ARG and the escrow agreement under which the Liquidity Reserve is held by the escrow agent (the “Escrow Agreement”), upon which termination, the balance of the Liquidity Reserve would be returned to PureCycle. So long as there are any Series 2020A Bonds outstanding under the Indenture, the ARG and the Escrow Agreement will remain in place upon the conditions stated in the ARG. The terms of the ARG are summarized as follows: The Liquidity Reserve shall be maintained in the amount of $50.0 million, subject to replenishment by PureCycle until certain conditions stated in the ARG relating to the following have been met: (i) the completion of construction and acquisition of the Project, (ii) the payment of all Project costs, and (iii) the replacement of the assigned agreements of the Counterparties underlying the Consents which have expired or terminated, with one or more agreements between counterparties and PCO upon terms at least as favorable to PCO as the expired or terminated agreements of the Counterparties, (a) for which a Consent that conforms to the form of Consent required by the Security Agreement is executed by the counterparties and provided to the Trustee, (b) which, in the case of supply of feedstock to the Project, provide in the aggregate for the supply of at least the minimum and maximum volumes of feedstock meeting substantially similar feedstock specifications as the Supplier had committed to supply, and (c) which, in the case of purchase of offtake from the Project, provide in the aggregate for the purchase of the minimum and maximum volumes of offtake from the Project meeting substantially similar specifications as Offtaker 2 and Offtaker 3 had committed to purchase from PCO. When the conditions stated in (i), (ii) and (iii) above have been satisfied but so long as there are Series 2020A Bonds outstanding under the Indenture, the Escrow Agreement shall remain in place but the Liquidity Reserve amount shall be reduced to $25 million and PureCycle shall no longer be required to replenish the amount of the reduced Liquidity Reserve if and when disbursements are made therefrom. If the conditions of (i) and (ii) have been met but only a portion of the feedstock and offtake contracted for by the Counterparties, respectively, has been replaced under replacement agreements as aforesaid in (iii) above, then the Liquidity Reserve amount may be reduced only by the applicable proportion of the amounts stated in the ARG which evidence the intent of the parties of the amount of value representing the supply or offtake of the agreements of the Counterparties. When the conditions precedent of (i), (ii), and (iii) have been satisfied and there are no longer any Series 2020A Bonds then outstanding, then PureCycle shall have no obligation to maintain the reduced Liquidity Reserve, the ARG and the Escrow Agreement shall terminate and the balance on deposit in the Liquidity Reserve escrow fund held by the escrow agent shall be returned to PureCycle.

So long as any Series 2020A Bonds remain outstanding under the Indenture, upon the occurrence of an Event of Default under the Loan Agreement or Indenture, if the Trustee takes control of the Liquidity Reserve held by the escrow agent, such funds may be used for any purpose, including the payment of debt service on the Series 2020A Bonds, as may be determined by the Trustee or directed by a majority of the holders of the Series 2020A Bonds then outstanding.

Beginning on or about May 11, 2021, two putative class action complaints were filed against PCT, certain senior members of management and others, asserting violations of federal securities laws under Section 10(b) and Section 20(a) of the Exchange Act. The complaints generally allege that the applicable defendants made false and/or misleading statements in press releases and public filings regarding the Technology, PCT’s business and PCT’s prospects. The first putative class action complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida by William C. Theodore against PCT and certain senior members of management (the “Theodore Lawsuit”). The second putative class action complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida by David Tennenbaum against PCT, certain senior members of management and others (the “Tennenbaum Lawsuit” and, together with the Theodore Lawsuit, the “Lawsuits”). The plaintiffs in the Lawsuits seek to represent a class of investors who purchased or otherwise acquired PCT’s securities between November 16, 2020 and May 5, 2021. The plaintiffs in the Tennenbaum Lawsuit also seek to represent a class of all holders of ROCH CH Acquisition I Co. securities entitled to participate in the March 16, 2021 shareholder vote on the Business Combination. The complaints seek certification of the alleged class and compensatory damages. The Theodore Lawsuit also seeks punitive damages. The complaints rely on information included in a research report published by Hindenburg Research LLC. The time for the applicable defendants to answer, move or otherwise respond has not yet been scheduled. PCT and the individual defendants constituting senior members of management intend to vigorously
defend the Lawsuits. Given the stage of the litigation, PCT cannot reasonably estimate at this time whether there will be any loss, or if there is a loss, the possible range of loss, that may arise from the unresolved Lawsuits.